Türkiye Scholarships


Türkiye Scholarships are publicly funded higher education scholarships given to international students by the Republic of Turkey.

Türkiye Scholarships are given at the level of undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, artistic proficiency and research.

At the same time as the Türkiye Scholarships, the placement process is executed to the preferred university and program.

Within the scope of Türkiye Scholarships, there are also departments providing foreign language education. However, candidates wishing to study on foreign language are required to have a foreign language document which is internationally valid for the language of instruction they desire. In addition, students who will attend foreign language education departments must also have a one-year Turkish preparatory education.


Office for International Relations and Academic Cooperation

Türkiye Scholarships Coordinator



Coordinator of Türkiye Scholarships

Assist.Prof. Abdullah DEMİR






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