General Information

Marmara University is one of the oldest Universities in  Turkey, its history dates back to 1883.

The university benefits from its unique location with a cultural heritage bridging Europe and Asia at most central points in Istanbul.

In order to achieve sustainable high standarts of international education, Marmara University provides multilingual education in 5 different languages; Turkish, English, French, German and Arabic.

Marmara University has 17 faculties and more than 72.000 students.

Marmara University has more than 700 Erasmus agreements with the number of universities exceeding 300. On the other hand, we have 28 Mevlana Agreements and 112 Memoranda of Understanding with universities from all around the world. With the responsibility of being located between the Western and the Eastern worlds, Marmara University does not confine its attention to only one part of the global community, but also maintains links with Europe, America, Asia, the Turkic Republics, the Middle East and Africa.

Life in Istanbul:

Istanbul is among the favourite cities of the World with her extant cultural heritage from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Along with the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn offering a variety of historical sites and sceneries that reflect each civilization heritage and important museums are located in various parts of the city. Istanbul, a city of culture, art, tourism, finance, leisure, music and sports, hosts numerous significant events at national and international levels. Istanbul, chosen as the European Capital of Culture in 2010, is the city with the largest number of universities in Turkey.

Life in Marmara University


The Large Multi-Purpose Sports Hall

In the sports hall that is connected to the Health, Culture and Sports Department of the University, there is seating capacity for 850 people with a total capacity of 2,000 people in the large hall, as well as three additional halls for gymnastics, basketball and multi-purposes. There are also 3 classrooms for 35 people and a fitness hall, billiards hall, a darkroom for photographic courses and the photographic club. In addition, there is one outdoor tennis court, one outdoor basketball court and one outdoor volleyball court for the students' use. The hall on the Anadoluhisarı Campus can be used for training and playing basketball, handball, volleyball, badminton and other sports.

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Indoor Swimming Pool

The swimming pool on the Anadoluhisarı Campus is used for training and competing in swimming, water polo, underwater lifesaving, mono-pallet, canoeing, water ballet and other water sports. In this unit there is a VIP unit and a variety of classrooms, a cafeteria and the possibility to carry out competitive sports education and competitions.

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Gymnastic Hall

This hall, in the Anadoluhisarı Campus, can be used for gymnastic lessons (rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic education and dance, demonstration gymnastics, dance-music), and competitive sports.

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Football and Athleticism Field

This football field, covered in artificial turf, measures 100x50 m and has stands to seat 3,000 people. This facility, with a 6-lane athleticism field, has changing rooms under the stands as well as classrooms. 

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Fitness Hall

This hall, prepared with cooperation with sports scientists and the Sports Research and Implementation Center, has been set out with fitness equipment. Services are offered to the students and academic staff of the university as well as their families and the public with the healthy living activity programmes.

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Tennis Courts

Two outdoor and one indoor tennis court offer an area for training and teaching tennis as well as giving the students and staff the opportunity to play tennis.

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Health Services:

The first place that our administrative and academic personnel, their spouses and children, and our students consult when they have medical problems is the medico-social service units. In addition to the centre located in Göztepe, there are other medico-social services on the Bağlarbaşı, Haydarpaşa, Acıbadem, Anadoluhisarı, Nişantaşı and Bahçelievler campuses.

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The medico-social services, part of the Health, Culture and Sports Department, offer laboratory, x-ray, dental, treatment and medical dressing, psychological support and guidance and dietician services.

The problems presented by the students and personnel who apply to the related health units are first evaluated by the polyclinic doctors, who make the first diagnosis and treatment; if necessary the patient is transferred to hospital.

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