Visit by West Ukrainian National University

A memorandum of understanding was signed between Marmara University and West Ukrainian National University during the visit on July 8th by Professor Erol Özvar, Rector of Marmara University and Professor Andriy Krysovatyy . While potential cooperation under the capacity of Erasmus+, student and staff exchange and joint projects were among points of discussion, history, business administration, economics and engineering were mentioned as prospective fields of cooperation. Moreover, both institutions agree to use every opportunity to increase the solidarity between academic personnel of institutions and offering education in the parther institution.

Vice Rector Professor Mustafa Çelen, Dean of Facults of Economics Professor Sadullah Çelik, Director of Office for International Relations and Academic Cooperation Professor Nuri Tınaz and Deputy Director Assistant Professor Mert Denizci were presented at the meeting for Marmara University. Visit by West Ukrainian National University  was represented by Vice Rector on Academic Affairs and Research, Professor Oksana Desyatnyuk, Head of International Communication School, Professor Olga Tsaryk and International Communication Expert Liliya Krysovata.


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