General Structure

Marmara University, founded in 1883, is one of the leading institutions in Turkey, with more than 81.000 students, 16 faculties and 11 campuses located on both European and Asian sides of İstanbul, has established a wide-ranging network with international partners, both institutionally and individually.With the responsibility of being located between the Western and the Eastern worlds, Marmara University does not confine its attention to only one part of the global community, but also maintains links with Europe, America, Asia, the turkic Republics, the Middle East and Africa.

Being a leading university through the ages, Marmara University provides an innovative approach to education with strong international collaborations and aims to educate pioneers with strong international ties.

To maintain this goal, as Office for International Relations and Academic Cooperation, we are involved in the management of Marmara University’s internationalization policy and hence is very much keen on exploring the options of collaboration with  Europe, America, Asia, Turkic Republics, Middle East and Africa by means of attending attending international educational fairs such as EURIE, NAFSA, EAIE.

In order to achieve sustainable high standards of international education, Marmara University  provides education in 5 different languages.

Besides that, complying with its internationalization policy, the university encourages the establishment of dual/joint degree programs with foreign universities. Consequently, the university has the strategic target to enhance the internalization by increasing the  mobility of students, faculty members, administration staff and to develop the research and academic cooperation with global partners.

The International Office is responsible for all cooperation and mobility operations between our university and foreign universities, running under the Erasmus Programme and International Partnerships. The International Office is structured in two sub-units; Mobility Programmes Coordination Office and International Partnerships Coordination Office.

Mobility Programs are organized as follows on operational basis:


 Erasmus Programme,

 Mevlana Exchange Programme,

 Dual and Joint Degree Programmes,

 International Protocols,


Contact Details: +90 216 777 1777

Director Office

Professor Nuri TINAZ/ Tel: +90 216 777 1770



Deputy Director 

Assist.Prof Mert DENİZCİ/ Tel: +90 216 777 1771



Deputy Director

H. Gökçen ÖCAL ÖZKAYA PhD/ Tel: +90 216 777 1772



Erasmus Outgoing Student

Ural Tamar TANRIKULU/ Tel: +90 216 777 1756

Fevzi CENGİZ/ Tel: +90 216 777 1755

Emel ÖZEL/ Tel: +90 216 777 1757



Erasmus Incoming Student

Sevilay BARIS/ Tel: +90 216 777 1760

Yunus Emre YASTIOGLU/ Tel: +90 216 777 1765



Erasmus Staff Mobility Unit

Sevilay Barış / Tel: +90 216 777 1760



Bilateral Agrements 

Ferhat IŞIK/ Tel: +90 216 777 1758

Lecturer Dicle Banu ÇATALPINAR/ Tel: +90 216 777 1766



Personel Mobility

Sevilay Barış/ Tel: +90 216 777 1760



Mevlana Exchange Programme Coordinator 

H. Gökçen ÖCAL ÖZKAYA/ Tel: +90 216 777 1772



Mevlana Exchange Programme Outgoing-Incoming Student

Yener Kutsal YENİLMEZ/ Tel: +90 216 777 1778



International Partnerships Programmes Coordination/KA107 Projects

Burçak Aydınlık/ Tel: +90 216 777 1775



Office for International Relations and Academic Cooperation Contact:

Marmara University

Office for International Relations and Academic Cooperation

Göztepe Campus Dr.Ibrahim Uzumcu Building

2nd Floor 34722



Erasmus Office Phone Number: +90 216 777 1750

Fax: +90 216 777 17 51

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